Caroline Bellios



CFDA/Target Design Initiative Finalist

In recent years Target, and other stores have begun to address the needs of women who wear sizes larger than a twelve and although this is a wonderful development, there are women of this category who are still searching for flattering outfits. To meet their needs the female clothing industry would benefit from instituting a 'Young Women's' department. The curves spring collection is designed for these unsatisfied Young Women, females generally from eithgteen to thirty-five years old, who wear sizes 14 through 24.

These are women who have outgrown the junior's department both in size and taste; they no longer seek to be cute but rather attractive. Unfortunately the clothes available in Women's or Plus sections often jump past mature to matronly. With different weight distributions, what suits a 45 year-old woman does not complement a 20 year old girl. These Young Women are often graced with a measurement ratio that corresponds to the traditional hourglass figure but merely in a larger size.

I have heard from many the complaints of 'Why can't they make clothes like this only bigger!' They want something fun and youthful, yet mature and comfortable, and most importantly something that fits. This collection is for them.

A great many Young Women would love a department or at least a collection tailored to their size and age. The less insecure any woman feels about her appearance, the more she can focus her energy on things that bring her joy. Curves responds to a Young Woman's comfort and fit needs while adding youthful style and liveliness to her wardrobe.